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  • Produces DC-DC converters for transportation applications, intelligent battery charging systems, and AC-DC power supplies.
  • Manufacturer of power electronic equipment providing a complete solution for power conditioning. UPS, voltage stabilizers, inverters and rectifiers.
  • Manufacturer of transformers and power supplies.
  • Electronics manufacturing, radio communications equipment, relm, computer systems, specializing in high voltage power supply design and manufacturing.
  • Manufacturer of switching power supplies. From Taiwan.
  • Manufacturer of power supplies producing a range of more than 100 different types of power supply.
  • Taiwan ac adaptor manufacturer, exporter. Manufacturer of AC adaptors, transformers, power supply, battery chargers. Customer designs are welcome.
  • AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, and DC/AC power inverters. Commercial and medical grades; standard and custom products.
  • Research and development facility and manufacturer of custom switch mode power supplies. DC-DC solutions for automotive, commercial, industrial, and military
  • Offers full line of low cost power conversion products. Standard off-the-shelf, modified and custom units offered.
  • Manufacturer of AC and DC adapters, lithium ion battery chargers, switching power supplies and transformers.
  • Manufactures standard/custom switching power supplies for high reliability applications and turn-key chassis hot swap solutions.
  • Switching power supply manufacturer and a major supplier of video displays and electronic components .
  • Manufacturer of wall and desktop power supplies and battery chargers.
  • Full range of thyristor chargers, switch mode rectifiers, inverters, DC-DC converters, emergency lighting, UPS single and 3 phases, voltage stabilizers, and cathodic
  • A specialized manufacturer of electric energy conversion apparatus. Products include UPS, AC/DC power supply DC/AC inverters and DC/DC converters. Target markets are
  • Manufacturers frequency converters operate motor drives for industry, ships, trains and buildings anywhere in the world.
  • Manufacturer of power supplies for industry, laboratories and telecom applications.
  • Manufacturer of power supply products including switching power supply and AC power adaptor.
  • Manufacturer of switch power supply, AC-DC switch power supplies, DC-DC converters and battery chargers.
  • Acepower 9September2012 The continuity of the electrical supply is the goal. ACE Power..."ENERGY-PHOTOVOLTAIC `11" ACE POWER
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